Alcohol was legalized in America in the 1930s, and since then there are many people who drink alcohol regularly, without any problems. However, there are also many individuals who suffer from alcohol abuse. In fact, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), alcohol is towards the top of the list as being the third-leading preventable cause of death in the United States.

Santa Monica, California is home to the famous Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Park as well as to a myriad of substance abuse and alcohol abuse treatment programs and detox facilities. Santa Monica is located on the beach and situated in western Los Angeles County. The beautiful weather, close proximity to the beach, and vast substance abuse treatment options makes it an excellent location for one’s recovery. There are a number of luxury in-patient and out-patient rehab programs, in addition to many low-cost treatment choices. Selecting a detox program in Santa Monica can seem overwhelming, but an individual cannot authentically begin his or her recovery process without going through a detox program.


The first step an individual must take to begin treatment for his or her alcoholism is to undergo detox. Detox is when a person actively rids his or her body of an abused substance. There are a number of different ways a person can do this, but they all result in a detoxification of one’s system. There are also certain factors that play into the best type of detox for a person. Some of the factors include: the type of substance a person has been abusing, the length of time he or she has been abusing the substance, an individual’s personal health history, as well as the potency and dosage of the substance abused. There are specific substances, alcohol being one of them, that a supervised detox is highly recommended. For other abused substances, a non-supervised detox may be better suited. Some people will be able to quit using a substance and others may need to be tapered off of the substance. An individual detoxing from some substances may also greatly benefit from medication to help with the withdrawal symptoms. If a person needs medication or to be tapered off of his or her abused substance, a medically supervised detox is necessary.

Though tapering off of alcohol is not practiced as a detox method, a medically supervised detox can be beneficial for individuals who are detoxing from alcohol abuse. The withdrawal symptoms can be severe and incredibly uncomfortable. Having a medical professional overseeing one’s detox process can assure the safety of the individual, as well as a provide physical, emotional, and medical assistance throughout its entire duration. Additionally, a person may benefit from medication to help with his or her withdrawal symptoms, which can be provided at a medically supervised detox facility.

During the detox process, an individual will experience many different withdrawal symptoms. When a substance is abused regularly, one’s body becomes accustomed to functioning with the presence of the substance in his or her system. The removal or lack of substance in one’s body will cause it to react and result in withdrawal symptoms. There are many uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms an individual who has an alcohol abuse problem may experience when he or she stops drinking. Every person is different and will have a unique experience regarding his or her detox process.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The severity of one’s withdrawal symptoms will vary and depend on several factors. Some of which include the length of time an individual had been abusing alcohol, the amount of alcohol regularly abused, and the medical health history of the person. If, for example a person has a dual diagnosis the withdrawal symptoms will be different from a person who does not. Depending on the type of detox program an individual selects, certain medications can be provided to help with the discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can last beyond the completion of an individual’s detox process. Therefore, once an individual has successfully completed his or her detox process, it can be beneficial to continue with subsequent a subsequent form of treatment.

Further Information

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